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Fun Hawaiian Surfing Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt

Posted on 10 December 2018 in Men's St. Patrick's Day Shirts

This is a great shirt to wear if you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a tropical location -- or if you just wish you were!

This is a funny cartoon style design featuring an illustrated leprechaun dressed for warmer weather. The red-bearded fellow wears board shorts with a lucky clover motif, sunglasses, and a signature leprechaun tall green hat.

The scene is rounded out with the leprechaun's green surf board, palm trees, lucky coins, and a sunglasses-wearing pineapple.

Fun Monster Truck St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt

Posted on 12 November 2018 in Boy's St. Patrick's Day Shirts

This fun t-shirt is perfect for little boys who love monster trucks! The design features a little leprechaun driving a huge oversized truck along with text that reads "Happy St. Patrick's Day".

This t-shirt for toddlers has such a cute and unique St. Patrick's Day design. The leprechaun's truck has huge wheels with shamrock-covered hubcaps. The green truck has a shamrock motif on the door. As the truck scales an incline, its open trunk, full of gold coins, spills some of the booty on the road behind it. There is so much going on with this darling St. Patrick's Day t-shirt for boys!

Irish-Style Sporran Kilt Accessory Pouch

Posted on 19 October 2018 in Kilts & Accessories

This is a traditional sporran made with black rabbit fur. The pouch has three tassels, green leather edging, and a shamrock badge on the top flap.

A sporran is a traditional accessory worn with Scottish Highland dress. It is a pouch, usually made of leather or fur, that is worn on a belt over a kilt. It performs the function of a pocket (as kilts typically do not have pockets). People usually use the sporran to carry items they might otherwise have in their wallet or pockets. It is worn under the belt buckle, before the front middle of the kilt, but can be moved to the side if needed.

This sporran has a distinctly Irish style, with the shamrock motif and green trim and tassels.

Cute Leprechaun Suit Costume for Girls

Posted on 14 September 2018 in Leprechaun Costumes for Girls

This is a cute leprechaun outfit for Halloween or celebrating the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day. The girls outfit comes with all the pieces needed to make a fun and festive holiday look.

The costume includes several different separates. The intricate green overcoat has short cuffed sleeves and a long tail. The lapel and cuffs have beautiful gold floral detailing. This is to be worn over the matching golden vest. A pretty green bowtie at the neck and a belt with gold-tone buckle completes the top half of the ensemble.

The costume comes with the green and black plaid capri pants as show, plus matching tall socks. Top off the entire look with the included green headband with attached mini leprechaun hat for a complete cute holiday costume!

Funny Green Fright Wig or Clown Wig

Posted on 17 August 2018 in St. Patrick's Day Wigs

This is a funny full curly green wig that makes a great accessory to be worn on St. Patrick's Day. This can be combined with a green outfit or worn on its own to add a bit of green to your Irish holiday shenanigans.

This fun green Afro-style wig will surely make heads turn when you wear it! Note that this well-rated wig is considered to be an economy, affordable costume piece for limited use. You shouldn't expect to wear this as your primary hairpiece.

In addition to St. Patrick's Day, this fun green wig can also be used to show team or school loyalty and cheer, be worn as part of a clown costume, or for Christmas or other fun holidays.





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