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Green Novelty Bead Neck Tie

Posted on 24 August 2016 in St. Patrick's Day Novelties

Spruce up your St. Patrick's Day look with this unique neck tie made of green beads! This is a one-size-fits-all tie that can be worn by either sex.

This beaded tie is 13 inches long and is worn around the neck like a necklace. It can be worn over a button-down shirt for a genuine necktie look or worn like a necklace as a piece of jewelry.

Plush Leprechaun Mascot Costume

Posted on 15 February 2019 in Men's Leprechaun Costumes
This is a fun full-coverage mascot-style leprechaun costume that's great for St. Patrick's Day. Stay warm and stand out during your St. Patrick's Day parade, school activity, or other holiday events with this funny plush jumpsuit... More

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