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Funny Retirement Shirt for St. Patrick's Day

Posted on 4 January 2016 in St. Patrick's Day Apparel

Pick up this great long-sleeve t-shirt for your next St. Patrick's Day party. This is a fun gift idea for anyone who faces retirement and will be celebrating the Irish holiday after their working life is over!

This apparel item features a bold white print on a long-sleeve green top. Other colors are available if desired. The shirt is preshrunk 100% cotton. The bold slogan reads "Beer is my full-time job I'm retired" and is accompanied by an image of a case of beer with one loose bottle. Retirement + St. Patrick's Day = Fun Times!!

Irish Christmas Figures for Holiday Decor

Posted on 24 November 2015 in Irish Gifts
Why not add a wee bit of Irish style to your holiday-themed decor this year? Here are three beautiful Irish-style Christmas figures that are perfect to add to holiday tables, mantles, or curio cabinets for the... More

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