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Pretty Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Necklace

Posted on 1 January 2016 in St. Patrick's Day Jewelry

This pretty piece of jewelry is perfect for Irish lasses or anyone that loves the Celtic Irish culture and design. It's a delicate Celtic knot made of sterling silver on an 18" chain.

Pick up this stylish necklace for St. Patrick's Day elegance or everyday wear. The knot is a simple pattern of interlacing silver in a circular pattern. The included chain necklace has a spring-ring clasp. Also available in gold-plated silver.

Make Shamrock Cupcakes!

Posted on 19 January 2015
Get ready for your St. Patrick's Day holiday party by making shamrock-shaped cupcakes for your guests! This green silicone baking pan has six shamrock-shaped cavities to fill with dough to make your own fun novelty cupcakes.... More

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