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Epic Kittens St. Patrick's Day Funny T-Shirt

Posted on 25 February 2015 in Men's St. Patrick's Day Shirts

A trio of cute tabby kittens are the focus of this hilarious St. Patrick's Day t-shirt that has so much going on. The design is nothing short of epic.

The background of this kelly green tee is a field of oversized lucky four-leaf clovers. Three adorable kittens share the spotlight.

One kitten wears a green clover cape as it flies through the air, leaving a rainbow contrail behind.

Another kitten looks out with a darling expression. This little tabby wears a headband of dancing shamrocks.

The third feline is an angel kitten who sleeps on a bed of fluffy clouds. This kitten has a halo and a harp.

Fun Real Men Wear Kilts T-Shirt

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