Four Star Wars T-Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

Star Wars fans can show their love for the series and dress up for St. Patrick's Day at the same time with this fun series of themed novelty t-shirts. Characters from the intergalactic saga are featured in different designs inspired by the Irish holiday coming up in March.

1 Boba Fett & Darth Vader: Drinking Buddies

This green top features our two villains enjoying a couple of frosty pints. The caption "Drinking Buddies" is done in a Star Wars-style font. This is a sharp screen print cotton blend top.

2 May the Luck Be With You

This fun top features a pair of Lightsabers crossed along with the logo of the Rebellion. The accompanying slogan reads "May the Luck be With You" in all chunky all capital letters.

3 Stormtrooper Leprechauns Grey T-Shirt

This fun graphic St. Patrick's Day t-shirt features the iconic helmet of a Stormtrooper. Instead of the familiary white sheen, the helmet is made up of lucky green four leaf clovers.

4 Chewbacca Wookie Wheat Drinking Shirt

This fun original design features Wookiee Chewbacca in a beer logo-style design, complete with a ribbon that reads WOOKIE WHEAT. The caption below the design reads "Let the Wookie Win".

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