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Irish St. Patrick's Day Locker Decoration

Posted on 28 July 2015

Here's a fun set of decorative magnets that you can use to add a wee bit of Irish fun to your dorm fridge or school locker.

These thin printed magnets aren't just for St. Patrick's Day! How about adding them to your back to school list? They'll stick to any metal surface and are a fun way to decorate your locker at school or your dorm room fridge. These are also great for sprucing up file cabinets.

You'll get a random set of Irish-themed magnets with this purchase. Leprechauns, lucky clovers, golden horseshoes, and pots of gold may be in your set.

Streaming Irish Movies for St. Patrick's Day

Posted on 15 March 2015
The big day is almost here! If you're looking for some Irish-style entertainment this St. Patrick's Day, you've got some choices in streaming videos from Netflix or Amazon. Play one of these in the background of... More

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