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St. Patrick's Day Arm Warmers

Posted on 3 March 2015 in St. Patrick's Day Novelties

Keep nice and toasty warm this St. Patrick's Day with these themed green and white striped arm warmers. The pair comes one-size-fits-all in a stretchy material at 10" long.

These arm wamers are easy to take off and put on and are small to store, so you can have the benefit of long sleeves without toting around an extra shirt for a warm layer.

Wear these for your St. Patrick's Day themed race, or keep them handy (tee hee) for your pub crawl when the weather will cool during the night while you're getting warmed up.

These St. Patrick's Day striped arm warmers have thumb holes so you can keep the top of your hands warm, too, while retaining your full range of motion in all your fingers.

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