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The Irish Bucket List: 101 Places to See

Posted on 25 February 2019 in St. Patrick's Day or Irish Books

This travel list book is helpful in identifying some of Ireland's greatest treasures and most important sites to visit. This is a great help when making your own Irish bucket list or dream trip to Ireland.

Find out about Ireland's best with this unique travel book. Learn about extremes like the country's highest mountain and oldest Irish pub. Read about ancient wonders and modern marvels that make Ireland such a special place to visit. Pick up this 131 page book before your trip to the Emerald Isle!

Four Star Wars T-Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

Posted on 17 February 2016 in Top Lists
Star Wars fans can show their love for the series and dress up for St. Patrick's Day at the same time with this fun series of themed novelty t-shirts. Characters from the intergalactic saga are featured... More

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