Best Sellers for St. Patrick's Day 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We hope you enjoy your day, whether you celebrate by marching in an Irish parade, or drinking your way through a pub crawl with your best pals, or having a traditional feast of corned beef and cabbage, or simply by wearing green on this special day. If you're wearing green, chances are it might be in the form of one of the following best-selling t-shirts for St. Patrick's Day this year. And if you're having a feast, maybe you're indulging in some of the most popular sweet treats sold here for the holiday. This is a list of the top 10 selling St. Patrick's Day goodies sold here for 2015.

1 Banquet-sized Lucky Clovers Table Cover

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This plastic over-sized banquet tablecloth was our biggest seller this season. This affordable white table-covering has lucky four-leaf clovers of various sizes.

2 Distressed Four-Leaf Clover Green Hoodie

Distressed 4 leaf clovers were a hot selling design this year. Especially popular on green hoodies, this design and similar aged clover designs were also popular on tee shirts and tank tops.

3 St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Wrist Bands

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A set of green and white shamrock wristbands like these were very popular. Various cities had holiday races this past weekend, including the half marathon in El Cajon, California, and St. Louis, Missouri's St. Patrick's Day Parade Run. These wrist bands are a great accessory for holiday runs!

4 Green on Green Shamrock Table Covering

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Tablecloths in all different sizes, shapes, and materials were a huge seller this year, so it's no surprise to find two cloths in the best-seller top ten. This is another large sized plastic table covering.

5 Oh Ryan's Irish Potato Coconut Candies

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Sweet treats were popular this year as well; this is the first of three St. Patrick's Day candies to make the top ten list. These Irish potato candies commemorate the great potato famine and are made of coconut cream fondant with cinnamon coating to look like russet potatoes.

6 Stop Staring At My Shamrocks Funny T-Shirt

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Humorous tee shirts have always been popular for St. Patrick's Day, and this cheeky one for women was a big seller this year.

7 Green Shamrock-Shaped Swirl Lollies

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Who doesn't love a lollypop? These green treats are apple flavored and totally fat-free!

8 Butler's Jameson Whiskey Chocolate Truffle Bar

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A box of 10 decadent chocolate truffles was a big hit in 2015, similar to this Irish Cream Truffle Bar. These delicious chocolates are filled with genuine Butlers Irish Whiskey filling.

9 Official St. Patrick's Day Drinking Team Tee

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An "official" logo design like this one was another popular seller this year, on t-shirts and hoodies for both men and women.

10 Flashing LED Dangling Shamrock Earrings

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These novelty flashing shamrock earrings round out the top ten list of St. Paddy's Day best sellers for the year. The dangling earings feature dangling shamrocks with LED lights inside.

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