It's Halfway to St. Patrick's Day! Fun Celebration Poem

Today marks the halfway point in the calendar year to St. Patrick's Day. How are you going to celebrate? Tip: wear your halfway to the holiday shirt and recite this funny poem!

In the middle of September, with a twinkle in our eye,
We raise our glasses high and toast to the sky.
It's halfway to St. Paddy's, though it may seem absurd,
Why should good cheer ever be deferred?

With a wink and a smile, we don our green hats,
Trade our summer flip-flops for leprechaun spats.
While others may laugh, we just chuckle and play,
After all, we're halfway to St. Patrick's Day!

Green beers are frothing, half a year in advance,
We twirl and we jig in an early spring dance.
"Sure, it's only September!" some naysayers may say,
But we just laugh and toast, "Halfway to St. Paddy's Day!"

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