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Ornaments for St. Patrick's Day Tree

Did you leave your Christmas tree into the new year? It's a fun trend a lot of families adopted to continue the fun of holidays and the cheer of seasonal decorating throughout the year. The idea became even more popular after our first Christmas in quarantine in 2020. If you've got your Valentine's Day tree decorations put away, you might be looking for some ornaments for the next big holiday, St. Patrick's Day. Here are some fun sets to get you started. 

Green Shamrock Fabric Ball Oranments

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Decorate your holiday tree with these cloth shamrock pattern ball ornaments. You'll get a set of 12 ornaments all with the same fabric pattern design of shamrocks in light and dark green against an ivory background.

Cute Wooden Leprechaun Figure Ornaments

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This set of 40 ornaments features several different stylized Irish gnomes dressed like leprechauns. The printed wood ornaments measures about 3.5" tall and feature design elements like tall hats and red or white beards.

Unique St. Patrick's Day in Quarantine Oranments

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This is a set of 12 holiday ornaments with unique designs for our St. Patrick's Day in quarantine 2021. The ornaments are in the shape of shamrocks in various shades of green and have some designs that allude to the pandemic. Shamrocks feature masks and  2021 stylized with hand sanitizer. Some ornaments read "Happy St. Patrick's Day".

String of Green LED Lights for St. Patrick's Day

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Decorate your holiday tree with lights as well as ornaments! This is a string of 40 LED lights in green that will add a bit of brightness to your festive St. Patrick's Day tree.

St. Patrick's Day Oranments with Beads & Pendants

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This set of 10 ornaments features icons of St. Patrick's Day hanging from short strands of white and green beads. The icons include shamrocks, leprechaun shoe and hat, and beer.

Set of 12 Plastic St. Patrick's Day Ball Ornaments

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Decorate your holiday tree with these traditional glass-look plastic ornaments designed for St. Patrick's Day. You'll get a set of 12 balls with 3 different designs including glitter white, Happy St. Patrick's Day slogan, shamrocks on silver, and a checkered gold and green shamrock design.

Big Set of 36 Shamrock Oranments

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Fill in your holiday tree with this set of 36 lightweight plastic ornaments in the shape of shamrocks. The ornaments are all green -- some are smooth Kelly green and the others have a darker glitter surface. The little ornaments are about 4.7" by 4" and can be used on almost any sized tree.

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Cute Pet T-Shirts for St. Patrick's Day

Let your pooch or cooperative cat dress up in their own cheerful holiday style this St. Patrick's Day with these themed pet shirts. The designs are all about Irish pride and St. Pat's fun, all in a pet-sized package.

Pet Me I'm Irish Dog T-Shirt

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Get this heather grey sleeveless top to help your four-legged bestie spread St. Patrick's Day holiday cheer. The cute pet top has the bold slogan in green text: Pet Me I'M IRISH. 

Lucky Shamrock Dog T-Shirt with Bling!

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This darling shirt for pets is a ringer style, with green trim at the arm holes and neck opening. The main design on the back of the doggie shirt is a bold green lucky shamrock with applique design elements and green sequins for extra bling.

Lucky Clover Love Dog T-Shirt for St. Paddy's Day

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Here's another cotton pet t-shirt in the ringer style. Here a black dog t-shirt has green trim at the neck opening and front leg holes. The green design on this shirt is the word LOVE spelled out in green font, with a lucky shamrock in the place of the letter O.

Little Mr. Lucky Charm St. Patrick's Day Dog T-Shirt

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This cute white doggie t-shirt has fun green shamrock pattern trim at the arm and neck hems. Mixed fonts in green and gold spell out the title slogan. This darling pet t-shirt is available in a wide variety of shirt styles and sizes. 

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